Overview of Ace Technical Plastics

Ace Technical Plastics is specialist in vacuum thermoforming and plastics fabrication. We are also an industry leader in FOD protection and kitting. As a manufacturer, we employ our expertise to manufacture and design creative solutions to solve some of our clients most unusual challenges.

AS9100D & ISO9001:2015 Certified QMS

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Vacuum Forming Specialists

Ace Technical Plastics has been in the business of vacuum forming since 1972. After new ownership acquisition circa 2000, we have continually invested in new equipment and technologies to provide creative solutions to manufacturing applications for our customers simple and difficult problems.

With lower tooling costs than traditional injection moldings, vacuum forming has vast applications within the global supply chain. We design and manufacture functional components, commercial packaging trays, and anything our customers can think of.

Traditional and 5 Axis CNC – Part Processing and Mold Making

Our in-house CNC capabilities allow us to post process our thermoforming products per any output configuration. Allowing us to eliminate many traditional jigs that may have been required for post processing. This doesn’t mean we don’t employ tooling to assist in fabrication, but these tools allow us to create more cost effective tooling and allow us to manipulate configurations per the ever changing needs of the design process. These CNC capabilities also allow us to employ our QMS to control these output configurations.

Our CNC capabilities allow us to keep a majority of our mold work inhouse. Thus providing more control over the entire process, including the associated lead times.

Design Services, Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing

We are often tasked at developing engineered solutions for specific applications presented by many of our customers. We offer design services using Solidworks to create brand new designs and concepts, as well as turn blue-prints into molds that can manufacture tangible goods. As anyone in the industry should admit, you don’t get it perfect the first time; therefore, we must create multiple iterations to achieve the perfect design. We employ rapid prototyping to allow us to keep design costs down, by being able to take those ideas and concepts and manifest them into a prototype we can physical touch. These approaches allow us to cut down the time it takes to develop these solutions, while keep the cost down by not having to produce tooling until our concept is design properly.

Commercial Packaging

Our automated machines allow us to provide cost competitiveness to your packaging products. As we continue to grow, we attempt to employ our machinery to be able to produce greater cavitation, which provides cost advantages to our customers. We can develop a variety of solutions to cater to your packaging needs, including ESD materials.