• About Us


    Ace Technical Plastics was originally founded as Plas-Med by Mr. Robert Pomeranctz in 1970 and supported a wide range of clients throughout those years. The company reached a slowdown period in the late 90’s where it saw fierce competition from global outsourcing; however, Pomeranctz’s original vision of made in America never waivered and he focused his efforts more on building his aerospace relationships. The company changed ownership in 2005 with Pomeranctz staying on board as manager until his passing; he still maintained footholds in aerospace, consumer packaging and medical plastics. It was around this time, Ace began to focus additional resources on the growing worldwide demand for aerospace products, as new ownership had deep roots tied to the aerospace industry, and began catering many of their service towards FOD protection and prevention. Ace Technical Plastics’ core group of dedicated employees put their blood, sweat, and tears into training the next generation.

    *Ralph, Rick, and Tom: The last three members of the original core. Photo circa 2017

    Ace Technical Plastics manufactures protective covers and specialty packaging for the prevention of Foreign Object Damage. Industry-wide damage estimates FOD is expected to cost 1.5 billion dollars per year in damage to this Industry, greater if there was no one attempting to reduce these numbers. Our customers, faced with damage to parts during Assembly, Storage or Shipment of products seek solutions to these problems. In conjunction with our customers, we research the root causes, design a custom solution for each individual situation, and create a manufacturing solution to employ protection, combat negative publicity resulted from customers receiving damaged product, and work together to implement quality at all levels.

    In addition to vacuum thermoforming manufacturing, industry demands have necessitated the requirement to implement 3D drafting technologies to allow Ace Technical Plastics to engineer and design customer specific plastic solutions to solve customer problems and aid in the creation of tooling for the purpose of realizing those designs. Not only learning skills passes down and not often found with traditional training, as vacuum forming is a science that is not taught in many, if any, schools. That next generation began building 3D printers when they were only available in the kits, with a great deal of tinkering the application of the technology proved to be a worthwhile endeavor for rapid prototyping to keep costs of R&D and prototyping down. This innovation has allowed us to also apply an always improving philosophy to many portions of our business. From 2013-2023, we have made significant investment in our plant and new machinery. In 2016, Ace Technical Plastics relocated from their previous 3500 sq ft. location of 20 years to a new facility around 11,900 sq ft. The last old machine from the Pomeranctz era was finally decommissioned and replaced in 2023.